Vizsla Whining: How to Deal With It

vizsla whiningWhining is part of a dog’s nature. Dogs will usually whine due to a number of reasons, however, Vizsla whining takes place more often than in other dog breeds. Whining is part of natural conditioning; hence a dog will do so without even being aware of it. This makes it hard to completely eliminate the behavior.

Proper Timing

Timing is very important if you are to succeed in controlling Vizsla whining. What you need to do as the dog owner is to set rules on when whining is allowed, and when it is not appropriate. You need to selectively respond to this behavior, for instance, when your dog wants to go out and you think it is okay, you can then give it attention. But in case, the dog is whining in order to get unnecessary attention, then ignoring it is the best choice.

Natural Behavior

Though seeming simple and straightforward, Vizsla whining can be quite challenging. As a dog owner, you need to understand that whining is a natural reaction to a stimulus. A dog will usually display this behavior due to an underlying problem.

Before you jump into conclusion, you first have to determine what is causing your dog to display the tendency. Reasons that drive a dog to whine include anxiety, boredom, pain, excitement, hurt, as well as a medical condition. Lack of addressing the main issue will make the dog whine more.

As a dog owner, you need to get concerned if the whining increases drastically. A dog that never used to whine starting to whine uncontrollably is definitely a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Trying to stop Vizsla whining without identifying its real cause is always a matter in futility.

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Steps To Take

Stopping a Vizsla whining is not so straightforward; this is due to many reasons that will cause the behavior. It is also tricky to get to the root cause of the problem. Eradicating the whining will at times call for application of a number of processes. The sooner you discover the issue that triggers the behavior, the easier it will be to deal with it.

More often than not, dealing with Vizsla whining will take place alongside other forms of training. Separation anxiety, aggression, destructive behavior, lack of obedience, and whining may all be caused by the same trigger. It therefore becomes important to observe the dog during any training.

Vizslas always like to be around the owner, the dog will whine in order to get attention. For instance, if the dog wants to lie on the couch, get a treat, or does not feel like participating in an exercise, it will display this behavior as a mechanism to have its way. Dealing with Vizsla whining requires the dog owner not to fall into the dog’s trap. You should always be in control at all times if you are to succeed.

Ignoring the dog is the most effective way to deal with this behavior. Constantly doing so will make the dog realize the whining is not working; hence the best option is to desist from whining. Selective conditioning is also effective, rewarding the dog when it is not whining, and ignoring it when whining helps in alleviating the behavior.

How to Succeed

When dealing with Vizsla whining, there are a number of factors you need to consider. To start with, always remain consistent. Do not at any point soften your stand against the behavior. The dog needs to be taught that whining is unacceptable however much it might be causing the dog distress. Once the dog has stopped whining, you also need to constantly reiterate that the behavior is inappropriate.

Instances When Whining Is Okay

Not all whining is bad; in fact some form of whining might also work in favor of the dog owner. For instance, if your dog whines when it “needs to go”, or cannot hold it any longer, then this behavior should be encouraged.

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to seek an alternative to whining. A dog may use the same behavior to exhibit two different needs. A dog showing anxiety when you are about to leave will whine in the same manner as it wants to be let-out. Once out, the dog will follow you instead of doing what was initially intended.

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